Return Material Authorization

Repair Instructions: All customers must speak to a tech support representative first before initiating an RMA. We will need the complete serial numbers for the unit/units. Once a technician speaks to you, they will process accordingly and if necessary, an RMA number will be sent to you. Each unit will need to have a RMA number assigned individually if a repair and return is indicated. To contact tech support, please call (800) 243-9412 and follow the prompts or email You may also choose to contact via Bomgar. 

  • Flat Rate Repair RZ153+ = $600.00
  • Flat Rate Repair RZER900/800af and ER920W = $400.00
  • Flat Rate Repair Chroma = $185.00 to $385.00 (varies on repair type)
  • Flat Rate Repair ABP320 = $350.00
** An estimate repair charge of $175.00 will be charged for any unit that is returned without being repaired.  If the unit does need repair the $175.00 will included in the cost of the repair. **

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